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Case Studies

Seddon Homes, Halton Brook Avenue, Runcorn, Cheshire – Contract Value £750,000.00

New 200 unit housing estate built over 5 phases around an existing road infrastructure and occupied housing.

Bora was appointed as contractor to alter existing roads and drainage under a large complex section 278 agreement. For this project, we installed temporary roads to divert traffic and bus routes. The goal was to upgrade existing drainage and road construction to accommodate the increased load of the new housing development.

To safely carry out the work, several traffic diversions and temporary traffic light installation were used. Traffic was re-diverted around the area and temporary bus stops installed to accommodate the public.

We overcame high risk elements of the project by using proactive safe systems of work. For example; to protect high pressure gas mains during connection of the new drainage, we operated an exclusion zone with a permit to work system. In addition to this, it was found that the existing drainage was asbestos concrete pipe which created additional risk to operation staff, members of the public and the environment. Where the pipe had to be removed, special trained personnel performed the disconnection and disposed of the material in accordance with waste management regulations.

Although the project was extremely complex with a large number of stakeholders, we completed work on time and in accordance with United Utilities and Halton Borough Council requirements. Since completion of the work, we have been awarded the contract for Phase 1 & 2 Housing.

Cruden Construction, Light Oaks Junior School, Salford- Contract value £150,000

The scheme comprised of three extensions to an existing junior school with new car park.

Bora was employed to carry out the substructure work to the new extensions and construction of a new car park.

The project was of traditional design and construction. A key aspect of this project was the difficult logistics caused by the school remaining open during construction. In addition, the works were undertaken at opposite sides of the school simultaneously. To overcome this, Bora Construction gave special consideration during the construction process and minimised any disruption to the normal school day. This was achieved by operating the two main extensions as individual sites with separate delivery points, strict time windows for deliveries and the movement of machinery.

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Vinci Construction, Eden Valley Mineral Water, Armathwaite – Contract vale £1,000,000

The construction of a new mineral water bottling plant.

The site work comprises of cut and fill operation, installation of concrete and clay drainage systems, storm water attenuation tanks, interceptors, reinforced concrete, foundations and external works.

The  initial phase of construction consisted of a large cut and fill operation (25,000m3). We employed the use of 30 tonne articulated dump trucks, bulldozers and excavators. The main consideration during this operation was safe movement of equipment on site and the engineering of site levels to accommodate the new building. To ensure all operations ran smoothly, we assembled a site based management team of civil engineers and production managers using robotic stations, dual grade lasers and machinery mounted detectors.

Other aspects of the project requiring special technical consideration included new gabion walls to one boundary of the project and a large 300m3 attenuation tank with an invert depth of 4.80m.

The ground floor slab is supported by 990 reinforced concrete piles. The slab was designed to bear directly on the piles without ring beams or pile caps. The piles had to be cut flush with a tolerance of 15mm across the whole area of the slab. To achieve this, we adopted a two stage cutting process. One team used a traditional pile cropper breaking piles down to minimum 300mm above finished level to avoid any chipped corners to the final level. The second team followed behind using a large diameter diamond saw mounted on a rough terrain vehicle. Using vehicle mounted sawing equipment also removed any risk to employees normally associated with the use of handheld sawing equipment.

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Seddon Homes, Sandbach – Contract Value £800,000.00

The construction of a new 41 unit housing estate on brownfield land in Cheshire.

Bora successfully completed the construction of a new adoptable road and sewer, remediation of the site, house foundations, Brickwork to DPC, Beam and block floors, domestic drainage including twenty soakaways and 278 works.

Initially the site required remediation to remove hazardous material and capping of areas where non-hazardous material existed. To avoid contamination spreading across the site during drainage and foundation work, any areas where contaminated material might have posed a problem were removed from site at the beginning of the contract.

The road and sewer construction on site was traditional in terms of road and drainage design. The foundation design on site mainly consisted of traditional strip, although one area of the site where contaminated material had been removed creating an area of made ground required a raft foundation design.

The main access road to the new development was a one way single carriageway lined with existing housing. The road had to be widened, new road signage installed and white lined to form a two way, two lane carriageway. We liaised with Highways Department and the local residents on all matters relating to the section 278 work.

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